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these makeshift idiotika

a sprawling world of lovers & fiends torn by an ever-tilting landscape

tl;dr You'll meet some characters very soon.

Disparate connections drive us through life. We’re always picking up on fragments of history, never getting the full story. In the fantasy world of TMI, a huge cast of characters in a multitude of places explore their lives through an impossible lens of the past: one where the world itself has shifted, scrambling itself beyond recognition.

These Makeshift Idiotika is a long work-in-progress. I’ve been hacking away at lore, character arcs, and the overall story flow for over eight years. It’s gone through various mediums, from graphic novel to short stories to what now is a video game I’m developing in my free time.

It’s daunting, to be honest, to keep track of it all on my own. This story has gone through many periods of advisement from others, and I see the game will, too. Right now, I’m working on improving my 3D art skills and my programming in Godot game engine. It’s slow, but rewarding, to tell the story the way I want.

Here on the site I’ll be keeping you updated on my progress, but more than that, I’ll be starting to show you the intricate world of the idiotika. You’ll be meeting characters as I get art finished, you’ll hear music as I compose themes, and you’ll tour new places as they get shifted around the world.

So, here’s to sharing the complicated things that go on in our minds. To giving voice to what feels impossible to express.