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interactive experimentation

So, I'm doing something a bit unhinged. (Shocker.)

I've been obsessed with making games for years. In that time, I've taught myself so much about game design, music creation, art, story—essentially everything except for coding the actual game.

Don't get me wrong. I've tried a few game engines, but I've found them tough to for me, largely because they abstract the underlying systems (physics, organization, etc.) away from me, and I work best when I understand the whole system.

The past few years I've been very into web development, and while I knew in the back of my head that making games inside of JavaScript is possible, it never really clicked with me that this might be the most fun way to do it—mastering one environment (the web) instead of splitting my time here and in game engines.

So, I'm going to... just be making experimental shit here. And by shit, I mean it's kinda indecipherable to anyone but me who's learning. It just keeps me accountable to post publicly, and maybe just maybe after the first few learnings, there will be something real to share.