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hire me for ambitious projects.

I can help you conjure the ideas you don't know how to get out of thin air. I specialize in organizing difficult to categorize work and creating custom designs and workflows to meet your unique needs.

A painting of a rabbit coming out of a hat.

Bring your impossible, intangible things.







Here are my truths.

I respect your ideas.

To me, this is more than a statement. My favorite thing about the process of editing another's work is pulling forward their own voice, their own originality. This stems not from my skill of speaking, but from listening.

I bring this ethic into all my work. I'm most excited about elaborating on your notions, whether it's designing you a website, painting a portrait, or editing your book. You are the focus of my attention, and you should be happy with whatever I create—else I've done my job wrong.

We can be in conversation as much or as little as you want during my work, and I'll strive to match the product to the image in your head, plus all the creativity and experience I bring.

Ambitious project? Tired of finding experts? I do it all.


Look around the website. Like what you see? I make elegant websites for ambitious projects. I'm passionate about design matching the focus of the work. I've long been frustrated with sites like Medium or Wattpad that don't allow for the full customization the web has to offer. I can work with you to get your content—whatever its type—into a gorgeous layout.

Building blocks of the web.


Check out my gallery of art. If you like what you see, I can paint you one even better. I'm constantly learning and improving my art, and each new piece feels like my best. I put an extraordinary level of detail in every painting I make, focusing on brushstrokes, careful coloring, emotion, and dynamic light.

Painting of a woman in a cornfield.


Have an idea? It's never too early to brainstorm together. I'll provide suggestions to move forward your process, concentrating on your passions. If you want to workshop a coherent piece, I'll content edit, looking especially for places to emphasize themes or characters through cutting, adding, and sequencing. I begin line edits only for near-publishable drafts, clarifying word choice and syntax with a poet's eye for details.

A bust made of yellow flowers.

Let's make something together.