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tl;dr I'll be booting up a fresh blog here soon.

For years, I've both wanted and resisted having a blog.

It's a peculiar place to be, really. One the one hand, I like to believe my thoughts are valuable to the world, worth sharing out to the endless black hole of social media. One the other hand, there's value in journaling for oneself and keeping those thoughts private, out of the hands of anyone who might misunderstand.

Lately, some things have happened in my life that make me comfortable being a little more raw. I've started working at Vercel as a Content Engineer, an odd sort of mix between developer, writer, and marketer. I spend my weekdays researching the tech world, forming complex opinions, and then distilling them down into company-appropriate language.

There's nothing wrong with that. I actually quite like my coworkers and my job. But I do find myself with a lot of extra opinions that have no place to go. Opinions that tend to range from the creative sphere to the technical to the philosophical and back again all in one sitting.

Which means they're not really appropriate to publish anywhere but my own blog, where you, dear reader, can choose to plumb the depths or skip it entirely. I like the idea of writing a bit where I'm not beholden to any rules. Where I can say fuck in the same sentence I wax all too eloquent about a recent graphic novel. Where I can be me.

So, stay tuned. Like a lot of things on the site, I'll be developing this for a bit before I release content. Just because I get to be myself here doesn't mean I won't be editing.